Person 1 Person is the best young-author-penned-book I’ve read. I was somewhat relieved to read this book. I was glad there is a person out there more fucked up than myself. Pink = Person. Probably. I can’t imagine someone writing a book like this unless this is actually how they feel and what they do. They seem to feel a lot and not do much. Feeling a lot and not doing much aren’t conducive for getting thing… Read the rest
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Explosion-Proof Premier...


Explosion-Proof Premier Issue Explosion-Proof is a quarterly literary journal published by Fairweather Press. Their premier issue is out now and they’re also accepting submissions for Issue #2. Issue #1’s cover features a black and white photograph of the Empire State Building and the tagline “What’s Outside The Window.” Here’s a paragraph from the Editors’ letter: “Explosion-Proof is not a blog, as we hate blo… Read the rest
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On Orange Shoes

Dan Tarnowski | December 11, 2016

Modell’s. There’s one across from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. You know, that rust-rimmed pleasure palace which rap mogul Jay-Z once owned 1/5 of before selling his shares in 2013. Myself being a hermit with an aversion for leaving South Brooklyn (we’ve got hummus and funk music, yo!) the extent of my roaming usually involves going to two specific bookstores, sometimes hovering around the center known as Barclays, and then riding the escalator safely back down to the subway.

But, while I’m there, I often feel compelled to browse Modell’s Sporting Goods. There’s something in me, psychologically, that has an affinity, even reverence, for seeing fresh tennis rackets looking trim in their shiny cases; tennis balls in their canisters ready to be popped open and ploinked off a racket; yoga mats rolled and still smelling of rubber. There, I can try on batting gloves. I can marvel at spare basketball nets.

I never buy any of this shit, but it’s delightful seeing it in all its freshness, and I’m happy kids growing up in nearby Brooklyn will probably be treated to it by their parents, and I’m glad they’ll enjoy the fresh rubber, and the tennis ball containers popping open.

Yes, I browse/smell that stuff, but that’s just on the WEST end of Modell’s. Go over to the other side, and that’s why I come in. There’s something in me, psychologically, that wants to look at utilitarian clothing. You know, Carhartt jackets, work jeans, work socks, raincoats, ZIP UP FLEECE SHELLS, thermal underwear, cargo pants, shiny basketball shorts, ski jackets that are by no means warm enough to wear in winter, hoodies that 90’s punks would approve of (not

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10 Halloween Songs, 2016

Dan Tarnowski | October 31, 2016

Halloween is not known for being a beacon of seasonal music, but with the aid of modern music streaming sites and apps, it’s easy to find music to fit any day, mood, or, in this case, holiday! This article intends to do just that, by matching music not explicitly about the holiday of Halloween, to that time of year, and to that fall night when the devoted don costumes, imbibe, eat Butterfingers, and get up to something spooky!

What makes a song, Halloween-like, though? Does it have to sound like the theme song to ‘Tales From The Crypt’, or the creepy piano melody line that is used as the theme song to Michael Myers in the movie Halloween? Not according to this writer! With a little imagination, the moods and themes that one associates with Halloween can be expressed through limitless songs, songwriters, and genres. What exactly are the moods and themes of Halloween, though? Much like a patron of the Halloween holiday adopts the costume of a character that is meaningful to them, patrons of Halloween are also free to interpret the significance and emotional resonance of the holiday itself!

And thus, in Halloween’s spirit of exploration and interpretation, I have selected ten songs for this 2016 edition of “Halloween Songs.”

1. TV On The Radio – Wolf Like Me

This sonically stylish banger is not just about Brooklyn hipsters turning on 21 guitar effects and whamming on the strings (not that I would be complaining), singer Tunde Adebimpe weaves a story of transformation and primal passion that is continued throughout several compellingly literary verses, all of which flesh out the idea that, “When the moon is round and full” …

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NaNoWriMo 2014 Progress Update #3

Mike Parish | January 1, 2015

I finished NaNoWriMo back on November 29th. It was an interesting experience. I haven’t started revising the first draft yet but I definitely will in the new year.

Below is a chart of the progress I made throughout the month. There was a week toward the second half of the month where I was busy but I wound up finishing strong, reaching slightly above 50,000 words with no time to spare!

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NaNoWriMo 2014 Progress Update #2

Mike Parish | November 28, 2014

Man. I’m at 41,107 and closing in on the 50,000 word goal. I have 3 days left to make it to the finish with just under 9,000 words to go. I think a well used block of time and a small bout of inspiration on my part is all that is standing between me and celebrating at the finish line for this year’s NaNoWriMo event.

A couple of things I have learned while participating in NaNoWriMo:

- I tend to work better in spurts. At the beginning of the event I was keeping pace with the designated goal of 1,667 (which isn’t too hard if you’re diligent and have an hour or two to focus on what you’re writing each day) but as time has gone by this month, other aspects of life crept in, causing me to slow down and not meet the daily goal. But then there were a few days when I had extra time and nothing else to do where I wrote as many as 8,000 words in one sitting, catching back up to where I needed to be.

- I’m definitely a procrastinator and really wish I wasn’t. Though, as a procrastinator, when you have a deadline and put things off until the last minute, the pressure to get things done is strangely inspiring. Without a deadline, however, you can procrastinate your life away.

- If you want to get something creative done that no one else cares about, having a self-imposed deadline is crucial. Perhaps even more important than a deadline is the ability to will yourself to complete something, especially if you’re the only person who cares about what you’re working on, and nothing is riding on …

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NaNoWriMo 2014 Progress Update

Mike Parish | November 15, 2014

I’m happy to report I’ve officially reached 23,648 words toward the total word count of 50,000 for the novel I’ve been writing this month for NaNoWriMo.

Today marks the halfway point for NaNoWriMo. By the end of the day, the plan is to have at least 25,000 words.

Thus far, I’ve found it relatively easy to maintain the daily word count goal of 1,667, which is the amount of words I need to write every day in order to complete the project on time by November 30th.

Prior to participating, I had heard and read both good and bad things about NaNoWriMo, but overall I’d say NaNoWriMo has definitely been an inspiring and enlightening experience for me.

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Found Poem

Mike Parish | November 10, 2014

I found this text in a craigslist ad. It makes for a funny poem. It had these exact line breaks, I just cleaned up the grammar.

Nice Store

I have a very nice store
I would like a costume jewelry person
To take up a table with things
No need to be there, I will sell them
I want nice things to have for my
Lady customers to see and buy
Any other great things to sell at my place are welcome
Like tools, clothing, well what do you have
Like having your own store
I will sell six days a week, your things
Lets talk

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NaNoWriMo 2014

Mike Parish | November 1, 2014

I’m writing a novel this month as part of @NaNoWriMo. #NaNoPrep

I have a few ideas I’ve been thinking about for a long time and it looks like this month I will be committing them to paper. I have never participated in National Novel Writing Month before. The plan is to write the first draft of a 50,000 word novel by November 31st. is undergoing some changes and construction and you may have noticed some new things happening around here. More on that later. It’s time to get down to writing. But first, I need to go fix the heat in my house.

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‘Blink and The World…’ Gets Decorated

Amanda Chen | February 18, 2013

“Matt from Alberta submitted a photo of his ‘decorated’ copy of Blink/Blank. Thanks, Matt!”

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