On Morning

Written by Mike Parish, Illustrated by Dan Tarnowski
On Morning

Though all parts of the day excite me, morning excites me the most. Whenever I can, I wake up early, as early as physically possible to still be able to function. It is a challenge to go to sleep earlier the night before, because so many aspects of social life and doing things can carry on into the evening. It is true that one can make the nighttime hours into day, but the day takes on a new character when one gets up with the sun.

These days, the sun comes up around 6:15am. I woke up this morning promptly at 6:30am; my eyes opened and I took one look outside and got up. There was a pastel quality to the way the world looked that I don’t often see, and there was something very surreal feeling about it. I had a strange thought in my waking state and this mindset can be a benefit of waking up early.

The morning makes you look at things differently. There are many people who are out and about at this hour, exercising or heading to work. It is one of the better times to exercise because the world seems fresher and the heat of the day has not set in; the air is more breathable. The morning is also a great time for creativity to strike, due in large part to the waking state coupled with the sun beginning to make its approach around the earth. The morning is an infinitely positive time where it seems anything is set to happen.

Personally, I feel more alive when the sun is beaming in my windows in the early morning. I feel happier just from the sheer fact that I have been basking in the sun for a few more hours a day and I feel like I get a lot more done. One of my favorite activities in the morning is to swim in a lake; get the lungs pumping and fresh oxygen into the deepest crevices. That’s a way to start the day.

Breakfast may be the best meal of the day simply because it takes place in the morning. Isn’t it interesting how some foods are unabashedly morning foods? Foods can even taste differently depending on what time of day they are eaten. I recommend fruit and lots of it to get the furnace going, to get the day started.

If one wakes up at 6:30am every day, as opposed to say 11:30am, an extra five hours feel like they are appended to the day. The only catch is sleep comes sooner, but though we tend to forget it, this is what the night is for. It can be hard to wake so early when everything around you beckons you to stay up or out late, including friends, extracurricular creative projects, etc. A 6:30am start time requires a 10:30pm bedtime for eight hour sleepers and an 12:30pm bedtime for six. 10:30pm is usually when things don’t get kicking yet and 12:30pm can be when they are approaching full swing.

So with a lot of things, waking up early is a toss up. One of the striking benefits is that it feels like the day is twice as long and after months of this start time or earlier, life can start to feel longer on the whole. Night seems to evaporate, because as the day goes by, in general it seems to speed up, so the earlier one starts, the more they can take advantage of daylight. What feels like 5:00pm on a normal wake up of 10:30am now feels like noon.

I wish I could always wake up early, but right now, it doesn’t make sense. Sleep is crucial and so is a social life and the two are like oil and water; unless all of your friends are cops and you all wake up at 4:30am to go to work and hang out together when you get off afterward, it is going to be tough to uphold an early bedtime. Western culture is geared around staying up into the night, and unless you shut off the lights and smash the television or simply happen to be a night owl, it is easy to miss out on the joy of morning.

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