Easy Jaws

Easy Jaws
Written by Mike Parish

Easy JawsEasy Jaws is a new zine of “slow cookin” and “slow eatin” edited and published by Sam Bett of Lava Roll Press. Inside, one finds an array of anecdotes, recipes, stories and essays about topics such as raising your own egg laying hens, slow roasting loin of pork or getting more into cheese making at home. It’s the kind of zine that makes you want to become a homesteader, leaving you to seriously consider why you haven’t become one already.

From the editor, Sam Bett:

“Easy Jaws is a small-run paper magazine dedicated to preserving local food traditions, family recipes, and an enthusiasm for foods that take time to prepare and enjoy. It’s a place for people to share their experiences experimenting with unfamiliar cuisines, intensive cooking techniques like canning, brewing, and fer- menting, and an overall appreciation for food that does not come ready to eat. As the magazine’s title implies, its central mission is to encourage us all to chew a little bit more slowly and savor the flavor of the foods with which we spend such a large part of our lives.”

Easy Jaws #2 will be loosely organized around the theme of New England family food traditions. Please send submissions to lavarollpress@gmail.com with “Easy Jaws Submission” in the subject line. The deadline for Issue #2 is September 1st, 2010.

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