Win a Copy of ‘You Can Finish This Later’

Dan Tarnowski

We’ve had more pep in our step than usual today at On Lives HQ, and it’s not just because autumn has begun to suffuse our city with freshness and possibility.

9.22.10 was the official release of our new chapbook,
You Can Finish This Later.’

With 8 short stories by Mike Parish and upwards of 20 drawings by Dan Tarnowski, you’re going to want this book.

And we want you to have it, which is why we’re giving away a free copy to the first two people to answer the following trivia question correctly.

Simply email your answer to onlivespress AT with the subject heading, “contest.” If you win, we’ll notify you and ask for your mailing address. If not, you won’t hear a thing from us.

The Question

In a famous short story, a busdriver tells a group of children about a heroic figure with a strange head. What material is the hero’s mask made of?

Remember, time is of the essence. Only the first two respondents with the correct answer will win ‘You Can Finish This Later.’

For a full-on profile of the chapbook, including pictures of the back and inside, check out the YCFTL microsite:

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