YCFTL Contest Update

Mike Parish

Congratulations to Mark Friedman of New York, NY, who correctly answered one of three You Can Finish This Later contest giveaway questions. He correctly guessed the name a man screamed in the rain for 20 minutes as I ate dinner. The answer of course was my name, Mike Parish.

You can still guess what item Dan Tarnowski purchased at Rite-Aid the other day to win your copy. (Hint: The answer is not himself.) Or try your hand at answering the following:

In a famous short story, a busdriver tells a group of children about a heroic figure with a strange head. What material is the hero’s mask made of?

Email your answers to onlivespress AT gmail.com, subject heading “contest,” for your chance to win.

If you’d like to purchase a copy, head over to the bookstore or one of these fine locations:
- Powell’s (Portland)
- Quimby’s (Chicago)
- Atomic Books (Baltimore)
- McNally Jackson (NYC)
- St. Mark’s Bookstore (NYC)
- BlueStockings (NYC)
- Desert Island (Brooklyn)

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