5 Fall Films

Dan Tarnowski

We like fall. Was our fall fascination birthed from watching great fall films? It’s possible. Here are 5 visually stunning films that you may not have considered renting this season.

Igby Goes Down, a Catcher in the Rye-esque tale of a young man discharged from boarding school, takes place in the fall in New York City. Though the setting is urban, one can spot many sparsely-leaved trees and, more importantly, many stunning shots of cool scarves, sweaters, and fall jackets.

Husbands and Wives also takes place in a fall-ified New York, and has a very beige color palette. It includes some great scenes of Woody Allen and Juliet Lewis walking through a wet Central Park. A windy fall provides the perfect setting for the fierce intra- and extramarital drama that this film whips up.

The Shape of Things, starring Paul Rudd and Rachel Weisz, is an interesting film about appearances and insecurities. So it logically follows that this film about superficiality has impeccable style. With most scenes taking place at a university, this film deftly couples fall clothing with academia, a coveted mixture for a certain kind of aesthete.

Something Wicked This Way Comes is a Disney adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s titular novel. Blending the mystique of fall with downright supernatural occurrences, this film captures that kinetic period around Halloween when things are both dying and new. Bradbury’s novel is a homage to fall and the change that it represents, and this film worships fall imagery more than any other I’ve seen.

The Exorcist may seem like a strange pick, but this film is not just scary, it’s atmospheric. With a brown-tinged color palette and many scenes that feature orange leaves blowing across the gritty sidewalks of Washington D.C, autumn provides the perfect backdrop for this tense showdown between good and evil. Particularly evocative are the scenes in which Father Karras walks around at night, pursued by his own demons.

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