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Person is the best young-author-penned-book I’ve read.

I was somewhat relieved to read this book.

I was glad there is a person out there more fucked up than myself.

Pink = Person.


I can’t imagine someone writing a book like this unless this is actually how they feel and what they do.

They seem to feel a lot and not do much.

Feeling a lot and not doing much aren’t conducive for getting things done.


The style of this book is interesting and merits discussion.

The style is a good way to represent a person’s thoughts on a page.

I wouldn’t be surprised if writing workshops adopted Pink’s techniques for writing prompts.

“Go ahead, try it.”

I find it easy to write in this manner.

Why be marred by having to construct paragraphs.


One of this book’s best qualities is its readability.

I feel like some people (writers young and old) have no concept of what readability means.

There also seems to be something at stake in this book.

It is clear that anybody can write and publish a book in today’s world.

What makes them unique or worth reading.

I think this is what sets Sam Pink apart from his contemporaries.

I’d bet money that Pink’s oeuvre is better than those of his contemporaries.


Sections of this book which are “Other Versions” of certain chapters are completely unessential.

They could be interesting in like 80 years when Sam Pink’s archivist finds files on Pink’s old hard drive in a folder labeled “Other Version Chapters of Person”.

But then again who actually reads those parts of posthumous published drafts.

I’m not really sure what to think of their inclusion.

I think this book would have been better suited with those chapters left out or with those “Other Versions” incorporated into the chapters they are other versions of.

I guess you could skip them.

I feel like Pink left them in there because there was a good line or two.

It doesn’t really make sense if they were added to “pad” the book.

The book’s brevity is probably its strongest quality.

Why make a book that is already going to be short a little longer.

Why not make a really tight short little book.

I don’t know I’m not Sam Pink.


This book is referred to as a novel.

This is debatable.

Maybe mini-novel is more accurate.

What is a novel.

It doesn’t seem to be a book of this length.

Though I wouldn’t mind reading a book that was four or five times longer by a person named Sam Pink.


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