Project Updates – End of the Year Wrap-Up

Amanda Chen
The view through my window

Here’s some updates regarding On Lives related projects:

The People Who Don’t Know Me Think I’m Somebody giveaway has begun on goodreads.

Dan completed a chapbook and then moved to Missouri where he is training for the World Croquet Championship.

Mike completed a novella called, This Is What Here Feels Like.

The much anticipated Hello Later/Yellow Lamplight album, “Hello Lamplight,” is in preproduction.

Hello Later’s follow-up to 2011’s, Where I’m Calling From, is half done.

Electricians are putting the final touches on their album, Running, (which Dan is doing the artwork for?)

No one has heard from Filbert Conroy in quite a while.

Oh yeah and On Lives has a new intern, me, Amanda Chen. :)

Anything else?

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