On Lives is about creating new artwork on a regular basis. We do that on this website and in print. The artwork appears in the form of non-fiction essays and illustrations.[1] Topics are picked random via a lottery system identical to the one seen on TV during the six o’clock news’ commercial break.[2]

In addition to our regular contributors, we have been receiving a growing number of submissions. If you’re interested in submitting, send an email to onlivespress@gmail.com with a topic and a sample of your writing. On Lives also welcomes comics, fiction (short stories and novel excerpts), as well as a variety of content for our music section.

If you’d like to contact us for any other reason, onlivespress@gmail.com is the best way.

1. ^ I use the term “essays” loosely.

2. ^ My landlord’s father is a retired commissioner of the NYS Lottery Fund and has the old lottery machines in our building’s basement. You know, those machines that are giant, clear plastic barrels used to propel pingpong sized balls with numbers on them into a chute using a high-powered air blower system. As long as we pay for the extra electricity required to run one, he lets us use it for On Lives. We assign topics that interest us to numbers 1 through 44, plug the machine in, and let it rip. The first number that bounces and rolls its way into the chute is the topic for the week, and all unused topics get recycled back into the pool, having their chance to dance again in the plastic barrel the following week.

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