Essays by Mike Parish, Illustrations by Dan Tarnowski
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Subway Supplement

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The tone reminds me of Haruki Murakami, in its honesty and directness, and its ability to be funny and maintain an easygoing attitude when writing about serious things. Thoughtfully assembled and beautifully illustrated.
 Danya Sherman, On Lives Fan 
[On Lives Subway Supplement is a] wonderfully written and illustrated little pamphlet. [I'm glad that] thinking people are still out there who do not get caught up in the garish sentiments of the day.
 Filbert Conroy, Author of Blink and the World Goes Blank 
The On Lives Subway Supplement is ten essays written by Mike Parish and illustrated by Dan Tarnowski. Including an 8.5" x 11" pull-out poster, it is the essential print companion to Designed with the subway reader in mind, it is a portable and durable booklet that can be taken wherever one prefers to read.