Stories by Mike Parish, Drawings by Dan Tarnowski
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His narrators entreat our sympathy with their casual malaise and quiet revelry as they confess their inability to pinpoint the source of an impractical nostalgia, or their preoccupation with the space between a girl's lips when she's about to speak.
 Sam Bett, Editor of Lava Roll Press 
[These are] stories toying with the beauty and the sadness of the everyday, the commonplace; stories of the random empathy that can hit us without warning, or the realization of identity one can feel from people-watching.
 Matt Longo, Author of Sacred Commodoties 
The stories of Mike Parish will run your imagination through a mop ringer.
 Filbert Conroy, Author of Blink and the World Goes Blank 
A new chapbook of short stories by Mike Parish and drawings by Dan Tarnowski. Includes an introduction by Filbert Conroy.