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‘Two Stories’ is a collection of two stories written by Mike Parish.

Many years in the making, these are simple, sharp stories inspired by the writing of Raymond Carver, Haruki Murakami, J. D. Salinger and Charles Bukowski.

‘Blink and the World Goes Blank’ is Dan Tarnowski’s first collection of microfiction. It is a loosely intertwined narrative of 56 short chapters, some only a sentence long, about the search for meaning in places devoid of it. Feeling lost or feeling found, Tarnowski makes it clearer why we feel anything at all.

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The second writing/drawing collaboration between Mike Parish and Dan Tarnowski. This unique container brings Mike’s thought-provoking short stories, each paired with a stark line drawing by Dan. Designed with a minimalist aesthetic that elicits rumination as a work of design, and simultaneously pours the reader’s interest back into Mike’s spare stories and Dan’s wirelike drawings, this unique fiction/art hybrid chapbook is a buoyant contribution to the indie lit scene.

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